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Your Saving Grace… The Snot Sucker

Okay so just hear me out. If you are thinking you’d rather do just about anything else than suck the snot from your newborn’s nose let me start by saying, I get you. Before becoming a mom I swore I would never fall so far. Cue cold and flu season…

The first time my baby got a cold he was five months old, and for a new mom seemed terrifying. Watching an infant cough and choke on their own congestion is the worst.

After a few sleepless nights of bulb suctioning with lots of tears, and little success, I was at my wits end. Any mom who’s had a sick child will tell you it can be exhausting, so you cherish any sleep you can get. If sucking out my son’s nose was what I had to do remain sane, then that’s what I would do.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Why the Nose Frida is My Favorite
  • Okay mammas this is important, you don’t actually suck up the snot. At least not into your mouth (hallelujah!). There is an antimicrobial filter that you can change with every use if you want. Easy-peasy.
  • It’s so much more effective than a bulb. You can see how much you’ve pulled out and you can move the suction end to get the best most effective angle.
  • It’s clean. You can disassemble and clean the whole thing. (Moldy suction bulbs? Bleh.)
  • It’s gentle. You control the flow of air.
  • Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Did I mention we all got a little more sleep?
To sum up:

This was such a good investment for us. I have used it time and time again. Having a sick baby sucks. Given it’s nothing serious, the best remedy is always time and rest. However, having this gizmo along made a crappy experience easier. If it makes my baby a little more comfortable and helps us all get a bit more rest, it’s a plus in my book!

Saline spray or drops really makes a difference when using  baby’s nose. I definitely recommend it. I would suggest getting the option with the extra replacement filters, which I have linked below!

The Nose Frida Snot Sucker (20 Replacement Filters Included):
Saline Drops:

Thanks for reading!

Lots of love,




*Disclaimer: Always consult your pediatrician or a medical professional with questions or concerns about the health of your child. I am not a medical professional and do not claim to offer medical advice of any kind. Any recommendations made on this site are from my personal experience and/or those experiences of other moms like me.

Photo Attribution: By Cyhea1612 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


4 thoughts on “Your Saving Grace… The Snot Sucker

  1. The first time I heard of those things, I was severely grossed out. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Buuuuuut, when Doll got a cold last week and couldn’t sleep because she was so congested and couldn’t breathe because same problem, I really started thinking that it would be worth a try. The bulb sucker was useless. I didn’t end up getting one because we were given a Vicks humidifier with Vicks inhalant. That, along with putting a pillow under one end of her mattress to elevate her head a little, helped her sleep and the cold has now passed. Hallelujah! But I’m thinking that it is so something I want on hand for next time.


    1. I was grossed out as well! But the things we do for our kiddos ☺️. It’s got to be tough not to be able to blow your own nose. I really do reach for mine all the time! Thanks for the comment!


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