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Oh White Noise Machine, I Love Thee So.

If I could jump back in time to those first few weeks after bringing my son home from the hospital one of the things I would tell my sleep deprived, hormone raging self would be this: do yourself a favor and get a white noise machine. My son was two months old before my husband decided it was time for us to stop tiptoeing around the house like ninjas, and ordered this beauty. 

Why The Sleep Easy is My Favorite:
  • IMG_20160830_115553No more ninjas. This purchase was just as much (if not more) about us as it was about baby. It helps me to relax knowing I can flush the toilet without agonizing over waking the baby.
  • During the winter this is a great option if you don’t want to add to and already cold and dry climate. It provides the noise of a fan without the moving air.
  • Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Everyone sleeps better when baby sleeps better.
  • It’s simple. A lot of the other noise machines I looked at were just too much for me, this one is simple and easy to operate. On, Off, and adjust the tone and volume.
  • We’ve had this one about a year with no problems.
To Sum It Up:

Having a white noise machine is really convenient especially if you are in a small apartment. The choice to get a simple, plug in the wall option was a personal preference. We wanted something that was reliable, could run all night, and provided static white noise. For that we have loved this little machine. Check the link below for more info:

Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner:

The Bells and Whistles Option:

If you want something with a bit more flare check out the Cloud B Sleep Sheep. This adorable option is great or babies who need a little coaxing to fall asleep, but don’t necessarily need it all night long. It turns off after about 45 minutes and has some great sound options (mommy’s heartbeat, nature sounds, lullabies) if you are looking for more than just white noise. It is also battery operated for ease of use. (P.s. This is also another great baby-shower gift!)

Cloud B Sleep Sheep:

Much love,



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