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The Yoga Ball is a Mom’s Best Friend

It has many names. The exercise/stability/yoga/birthing ball. For the sake of this post, let’s go with yoga ball. Namaste. If you came to my house you would see that I, like many moms, have one that’s basically a permanent fixture in my living room.

A Mom’s Best Friend

First, we got one for my husband. Sitting at a desk all day was reeking havoc on his back and legs. Then I got pregnant which reeked havoc on MY back and legs. So we purchased another one for me. Pregnancy inevitably leads to birth, enter the “birthing” ball. Just when we thought we could retire ol’ faithful, it became the only way to calm a colicky newborn. Let’s just say we’ve been through alot together.

Why it’s My Favorite:
  • If you struggle with back pain having a yoga ball on hand during pregnancy is a must . It was the only thing that I consistently went back to for relief.
  • Besides helping with pain, it can be helpful for strengthening your back and pelvis and positioning baby. Just do your research and ask your healthcare provider to make sure you are using it correctly.
  • Gently bouncing on a yoga ball was a great way to comfort my son when nothing else
    would. Plus it gave my knees a break!
  • Ahh the versatility. Currently my toddler uses it as a push toy but I do also use it for, you know, yoga.
To Sum It Up:

Whether it’s for exercise, pain relief, birthing, baby-bouncing, yoga balls are a nice tool to have in your belt. You really shouldn’t need to pay more than $20-25 for a decent one. Black Mountain is a top pick for quality at a reasonable price:

Black Mountain Stability Ball:

*Note: Make sure to get the right size for your height. The one featured in my photo is a 55cm ball and I am about 5’4″. Here are some general guidelines:

45 cm: < 5′ tall
55 cm for 5′-5’6′
65 cm for 5’6″-6′
75 cm for 6′-6’5″
85 cm > 6’5″ tall

A Weighted Option:

Target also sells one that I love. The Ignite by SPRI Stayball has sand in the bottom so it stays put. Keep in mind that it will be heavier and the sand will slosh around if you are using it for workouts above the floor.

Lots of love!



*Disclaimer: Always consult your pediatrician or a medical professional with questions or concerns about the health of your or your child. I am not a medical professional and do not claim to offer medical advice of any kind. Any recommendations made on this site are from my personal experience and/or those experiences of other moms like me.


2 thoughts on “The Yoga Ball is a Mom’s Best Friend

  1. I LOVE the yoga ball. One thing I couldn’t agree with more are the soothing powers of bouncing or gently swaying baby while sitting on the ball. Hasn’t failed us once! Plus, it’s so much easier than bouncing while standing or having to walk around when you’re super tired with a newborn. 😉 Great post, totally on point.

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