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5 Easy DIY Baby Halloween Costumes

Okay so I know that it’s only September, but inevitably every year October rolls around faster than I would like. So this year I decided to try and get the ball rolling. I love seeing cute costumes on babies, but I also have a limited amount of energy to spend on them.  So with that in mind, I’ve put together a list of five easy costumes for babies (with a few family costumes thrown in!).

Charlie Brown

I have seriously contemplated this costume for my son just because is still bald as a bowling ball. Well that and it’s just adorable. All you need is the onsie, and a toy Snoopy. A cheaper DIY option for the Charlie Brown onsie is to buy a yellow onesie and use a sharpie to draw the pattern yourself. If you’ve never shopped at they are usually doing a promotion for first time buyers.

Charlie Brown Onsie:


Baseball Team

This is a really easy way to do a DIY costume for the whole family. Get a few plain baseball T’s for the family, and baby can be the baseball. If you don’t want to buy baby a costume just use a red sharpie and a white onesie to make your own!

Baby Onesie:

Baseball T’s:

DIY: What You Need

  • For Baby:
    • Baseball Onesie
      • OR
    • White Onesie
    • Red Sharpie
  • For Family
    • Basic Baseball T’s
    • Gloves
    • Baseball Caps
Baby Olaf

This is one of my favorite DIY costumes! It’s adorable and really easy. All you need is hot glue, a white onesie, googly eyes, and some felt. Head over to Hello Splendid to check out the full DIY!

Photo Credit

Googly Eyes:

A Great Last Minute Costume: Baby Chef

Speaking of easy DIY costumes. This little Chef’s outfit is great if you need something last minute. Just a white onesie, a red bandana/scarf, some red leggings if you want to complete the outfit, and a sharpie. Check out Rookie Moms for more info on this adorable DIY plus more costume ideas.

Photo Credit
Burglar & Money Bag

This is my cute husband and I the year before we had our son. But it would be so adorable with a little “money bag” baby. You could use either a white or green onesie with either an iron-on dollar sign or just draw it with a sharpie as I did with the original bags. This one is great if you want to involve the whole family.


DIY: What You Need

  • For Baby
    • White or Green Onesie
    • Sharpie
  • Mom and Dad
    • Black Bottoms
    • Black and White Striped Shirt
    • Black Beanie
    • Black Felt for Burglar Mask

** If you want to do the bags I just used old pillow cases and stuffed them with leaves. I did a hand stitch around the corners to round them out, and used a sharpie for the dollar signs.

Cinderelly and Gus Gus

I put this one in as a bonus because it’s my favorite, and it’s my son and I so I’m a little bias. A friend of the family gave us the Gus Gus outfit, however it would be super easy to make yourself. I pieced my costume together from cheap items I found at a consignment store, but really any dress would be fine.

DIY: What You Need

  • For Baby:
    • Green Hat
    • Yellow Shirt
    • Gray/Pink Felt for Mouse Ears


Unisex Cotton Hat:

Assorted Felt:


  • For Mom:
    • Dress or Skirt
    • Apron
    • Handkerchief
    • Broom (If you want a prop)

If you don’t want to order mouse ears you can print some or cut them out of felt and sew them to the hat. If you don’t already have a yellow shirt for baby, you can usually find one for pretty inexpensive somewhere like Old Navy, Walmart, or your favorite consignment store.

Thanks for reading lovelies!


What are some of your favorite baby costumes? I’d love to know!


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