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My Favorite Supplement For Increasing Breast Milk Supply

Milk supply. It’s something that many new breastfeeding moms will worry about at some point. Having babies literally changes the biology of our brains, and whether you breastfeed or formula feed the one thing that drives all moms is making sure their baby has enough to eat.

If you are working to breastfeed, the feeling that you are loosing your supply can be incredibly frustrating. (I know exactly how that feels!) I want to share one of my favorite supplements that I used early on to help successfully increase my supply, but first…

A Few Notes & Disclaimers
  1. Fed is best, always. There is absolutely no shame in supplementing if needed. We supplemented with donated milk and formula during the first weeks. If you’re worried, talk it over with a lactation consultant and your child’s pediatrician.
  2. I am not a lactation consultant.
  3. I am not a medical professional.
  4. I am just a mom.
Now that we have that out of the way, moving on to the good stuff!

Motherlove: More Milk Plus:

I first heard about Motherlove from a lactation consultant while my son was in the NICU. I started taking them as soon as I got home at the recommended dose of 1 capsule 4x/day and continued to take them for about 3-4 months, at which point I no longer needed them. The active ingredients include:

  • Fenugreek seed
  • Blessed thistle herb
  • Nettle herb
  • Fennel seed
Why It’s My Favorite

I only have one reason and that it because it worked (along with lots and lots of pumping). I am happy to report that we are currently preparing to wean after fifteen months of successfully nursing. I am so glad that I knew about this from the get go and I continue to recommend it to friends of mine.

If You Want To Donate Breast Milk In The Future

Eventually I produced enough to store, and then donate  myself (yay!). Something to be aware of, is if you want to donate to the Mother’s Milk Bank, they can not accept milk that was stored while taking this supplement. However, I was able to donate milk that was stored after I stopped taking it.

Sending lots of love and encouragement!




*Disclaimer: Always consult your pediatrician or a medical professional with questions or concerns about the health of your or your child. I am not a medical professional and do not claim to offer medical advice of any kind. Any recommendations made on this site are from my personal experience and/or those experiences of other moms like me.


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