10 Minute No-Bake Oreo Krispies

Tis’ the season for sweets and treats! With Christmas right around the corner I wanted to share one of the easiest “please bring a dessert with 12 servings” floating around the internet¬†(second only to the the original rice-krispy treat!). No Bake Oreo Krispies What You’ll Need: 1 or 2 packages Oreos (depending on how chewy…… Continue reading 10 Minute No-Bake Oreo Krispies

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Toddler-Friendly Christmas Ornaments!

At this point in my parenting journey, I’ve mostly given up on having nice things. At least for another ten years or so. This year for Christmas I decided to attempt and set up the tree as normal, with no barriers. So as much as I love my beautiful sparkling glass bulbs, I knew ¬†they…… Continue reading Toddler-Friendly Christmas Ornaments!

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Mamaceratops Tee Shirt Sale!

If you haven’t checked out these quirky tee’s for moms, let me introduce you! Mamaceratops¬†(I know adorable right?) was created my two good friends of mine, Ellen and Sean. These super comfy tees are for those of us who can appreciate the not so glamourous parts of motherhood. I think we’ve all had that moment…… Continue reading Mamaceratops Tee Shirt Sale!

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A Letter To My Pre-baby Self & Her Awful Driving

I live in a small-ish city with two universities within five miles of each other. I grew up in a much smaller town. So as a mother of a small child, heading out on the road during rush hour falls about two inches shy of terrifying. Sometimes as I navigate through the minefield of busy…… Continue reading A Letter To My Pre-baby Self & Her Awful Driving

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Pink Blush Maternity Flash Sale, 24 Hours Only, Ends 10/27

Pink Blush Maternity is doing a 24 hour flash sale with some items up to 70% off!! Guys seeing all of this cute maternity stuff almost makes me want to be pregnant again….okay maybe not yet but I so so wish I would have had some cute things to make me feel like a human…… Continue reading Pink Blush Maternity Flash Sale, 24 Hours Only, Ends 10/27

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My Favorite Supplement For Increasing Breast Milk Supply

Milk supply. It’s something that many new breastfeeding moms will worry about at some point. Having babies literally changes the biology of our brains, and whether you breastfeed or formula feed the one thing that drives all moms is making sure their baby has enough to eat. If you are working to breastfeed, the feeling…… Continue reading My Favorite Supplement For Increasing Breast Milk Supply

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Beginner Bedtime Books For Babies

Some of my husband’s most prominent childhood memories are of his mom reading to him. When my son was born, we decided to make reading a priority as well. Some nights are tougher than others, but with perseverance we have managed to make a bedtime story a part of his night time routine. Being a…… Continue reading Beginner Bedtime Books For Babies